Motor ships of the types VOLGO-DON of different variants (projects 507, 507A, 507B, 1565, 1565M and 1566) are the big dry cargo ships, which have, depending on modification, open or covered holds, with double boards and double bottom, with machine compartment and superstructure in the rear part. This type is one of the largest inland ships and one of the most mass dry cargo series. Ships are intended basically for carrying of bulk cargoes, such as crushed stone, as well as boxed cargoes. Ships with covered holds can carry cargo on the hatch covers. During operation some ships were equipped with the nose stresses for pushing of the barge sections; hatch covers were removed on some ships for acceleration of the unloading works during transportation of bulk cargoes. In 90-ties some ships were converted into the "river-sea" class. They were shortened and got more modern equipment of holds and higher fore-part.

Modifications. The initial project had open cargo holds, divided by bulkheads into four compartments. Project 507A is a first modification with one open cargo hold-bunker without bulkheads and automated machine control equipment. Project 507B is the second modification with the reduced machine power. The construction provides a possibility of changing of the diesels without disassembling of the supersructure. Outwardly motor ships of this and following modifications are distinguished from earlier ones by two comparatively small funnels instead of one large. On the base of this project the articulated ship was built (project 1566), which had barge-holding device and a barge attachment. Later the motor ships got two cargo holds, equipped with hermetic hatch covers, as well as a superstructure of more modern design (project 1565). Further development of the type "Volgo-Don" are the motor ships of the type "Volzhskiy".

Serial building. Ships of the type "Volgo-Don" were built since 1960 till 1980 in the USSR (all modifications) and since 1968 till 1990 in Romania (projects 1565 and 1565M). 223 - 224 units of the type "Volgo-Don" and 1 articulated ship of the type "XXIII syezd KPSS" were built. Soviet-built ships were assigned serial numbers starting from one. Up to number 25 the numbering was continuous, from 25 to 95 ships got every fifth number, from 95 to 235 - only odd numbers, from 235 to 241 - continuous numbering; number 241 was the last in series. Romanian-built ships were assigned serial numbers starting from 5001; last number is 5106.

Ship class:

«О», «М», «М-SP», «М-PR» Russian River Register Classification.


Ship type:

twin-screw dry cargo motor ship with bow thruster.


Ship purpose:

general cargo,bulk cargo, timber and extraweights.


Navigation region:

ships of this type are navigated on island waterways of Russia and between the ports of the Baltic, the North and Mediterranean seas.


Built by:

«Oltenice shipyard» (Romania).



Overall length, m


Length between perpendiculars, m


Overall beam, m


Calculated beam, m


Depth, m


Draft in river, m


Overall height in ballast, m


Sea endurance, days


Speed in full load, knots / km/h


Cargo-carrying capacity, tn:





«О», «М»


Capacity of cargo holds, cbm/cbft


hold №1


hold №2


Deadweight, tn

5150/3895 (для М-СП)

Dimensions of holds, m:

hold №1


hold №2


Dimensions of holds in the clear, m


Capacity according to international convention on tonnage measurement of ships, 1969:

GRT for classes «О», «М»


GRT for class «М-SP»


NRT for classes «О», «М»


NRT for class «М-SP»


Crew, persons


Main engine — 2 diesels 6ЧРН36/45(G60) - 660 kW each.
Auxiliary motors — 2 diesels generators 6Ч18/22 - 100/1500 100 kW each,

one diesel generator DGA-50 50 kW and emergency engine 6Ч12/14.