STK 326.1

Motor ships of the types BAKHTEMIR (project 326, german designation CBK 1600, container binnen Kumo 1600, 'container river coaster 1600 tdw'), STK (project 326.1, german designations CBK 1700, CBK 2200, container binnen Kumo 1700, 2200, 'container river coaster 1700 tdw, 2200 tdw'), REFRIZHERATOR (project 037, german designation KBK, kuhl binnen Kumo, 'reefer river coaster') and ROSSLAU (project 342, german designation SKS 350, Spezialkuhlschiff 350, 'special reefer ship 350') are the mid-size dry cargo ships, container ships, refrigerators of the "river-sea" class, which have covered holds, with two decks, with double boards and double bottom, with superstructure, depending on modification, in the middle or fore-part, machine compartment in the rear part. Dry cargo ships are intended basically for carrying of boxed cargoes, containers, timber; refrigerators - for fish, meat products, fruits and vegetables. In 90-ties some ships were reconstructed to increase their seaworthiness, the galleries on the lower deck were closed and higher falschbords were made at the forecastle.
Dry cargo ships of the initial project (project 326) had two cargo holds. Later on the base of this project refrigerated fish carriers were developed (project 037), which got four cargo cameras. Outwardly motor ships of this modification are distinguished by two refrigerating system units between the hatch covers of the holds. Project 326.1 is a modernized variant of the project 326, intended for carrying of containers in holds and on hatch covers. It differs by some details of the superstructure and the rear part of the hull. Serial name (STK-1000) means sukhogruznyy teplokhod-konteynerovoz or 'dry cargo, container ship', 1000 tons. Refrigerators of the

project 342 were developed for use on Lena. Serial name (STK-1000) means sukhogruznyy teplokhod-konteynerovoz or 'dry cargo, container ship', 1000 tons. Refrigerators of the project 342 were developed for use on Lena in the conditions of wide variety of depths and need of loading-unloading operations at the unequiped river banks. Ships got many details of the construction from the predecessors, but allow operation with very little draught, have reduced machine power, superstructure in the fore-part, two refrigerating system units and two cranes.
Since 1977 till 1990 81 units of all modifications were built, among them: 22 - ships of the project 326, 9 - ships of the project 037, up to 46 - ships of the project 326.1, 4 - ships of the project 342. Ships of the project 326 were assigned names after the rivers and the towns in Russia. Ships of the project 037 got a serial name "Refrizherator"; they were assigned serial numbers starting from 601. Ships of the project 326.1 got a serial name STK; they were assigned serial numbers starting from 1001. Ships of the project 342 were assigned names after the towns in Eastern Germany.
Ships of the type STK were delivered to Volga, White Sea - Onega, North-Western, Kama, Northern, Ob-Irtysh, Yenisey, Lena, Ukrrechflot shipping companies. Several ships were delivered to China. Ships are (were) used: on Volga, Kama, Don, rivers and lakes of the Volga-Balt waterway, on Dnieper, on Yenisey, Ob, Irtysh, Lena, on Caspian, Azov, Black, Baltic seas, in Arctic, on the seas of the Far East. Since 90-ties the majority of ships are operated on foreign coastal lines, some of them work on Red sea and in Persian gulf. Some ships were sold to different other shipping companies, including foreign ones, and registered under "comfortable" flags. At present time almost all ships are in service. One ship sank in 1998.



General dimensions:


Overall length, m


Length between perpendiculars, m


Overall beam, m


Calculated beam, m 


Depth, m


Summer draft, m


Draft in river, m


Overall height in ballast, m


Sea endurance, days


Speed in full load, knots


Cargo-carrying capacity, tn


Capacity of cargo holds, cbm/cbft


hold №1


hold №2


Deadweight, tn 


Dimensions of holds in the clear, m


hold №1


hold №2








Crew, persons




Main engine: 2 diesels 8VDS36/24A -1 по440 кВт.

Auxiliary motors: 2 diesel generators 6Ч 18/22 DGR 100/750 - 100 кW each, emergency diesel generator КЧ62М - 50 кW.