Ship Management

Ship Trade House provides the following management services:

Commercial management (operating, fixing, post-fixing, etc.)

- Cooperation with reliable, first-class Cargo owners and Broker Houses.
- Professional conclusion of any contract (CP, COA, TC, MOA) ensuring safe and the most advantageous conditions of works for the Ship-owner.
- Provision of continuous and the most economically efficient load taking into account specific characteristics and limitations of the vessels.
- Instructing the vessel’s Master and further support in all commercial issues related to the terms and conditions of the transportation contract (correctness of notices, statement issuing, control of BL signing by the Master, submission and correctness of Letters of protest, inclusion of Ship-owner protection clauses to the documents).
- Appointment of port Agents on the Ship-owner’s behalf, minimizing D/A proformas, adherence to all operational issues on behalf of the Ship-owner.
- Daily monitoring of the vessels’ movements using AIS system, supporting the Master with perspective weather forecasts, coordination of a safe and speedy transition route with him.
- Full post-fixing (including Demurrage, Dispatch calculations, invoicing and accounts, recording and tracking of the Ship-owner’s funds).
- Selection of reliable and cheapest fuel supplier.
- Upon completion of each closed voyage, detailed report in electronic or hard copy format (comparison of the estimated TCE with actual one), analysis of delays and time wasting for technical and operational issues, related recommendations to the Ship-owner to improve the Company’s performance.

Technical management

- Arrangement and provision of vessel’s insurance coverage (P&I and H&M) with the first class insurers.
- Cooperation with various flag administrations and classification societies.
- Monitoring of crew qualifications, recommendations to the Ship-owner concerning personnel replacements.
- Close co-operation with crew in regards to vessel’s operation and vital activity.
- Organization and monitoring of appropriate technical maintenance of the vessel including all kinds of scheduled and unplanned services, dock and voyage repair, preparing all technical aspects of the vessel in accordance with particular tasks to ensure the most efficient commercial operation of the vessel.
- Arrangement of all items of the vessel’s procurement, implementation of monitoring system for the supplies, spare parts, components etc.
- Arrangement of reasonable system for usage of fuels and lubricants onboard. Monitoring and accounting of consumption of fuels and lubricants. Selection of optimal price and quality oil products.
- Provision of the ship with full set of operational documentation in accordance with the requirements.
- Calculation of costs for maintenance and operation of the vessel. Preparation and submission of respective financial statements to the Ship-owner.


- Recruitment of crew for various types of dry cargo ships.
- Signing and maintaining work contracts with the crew.
- Organization of crew change and other related services.