The courts known as «Panamax» include various tankers and bulk that can go through the Panama Canal. Canal locks themselves have very limited space, namely the width of 33.53 m, length - 340 m, and depth of 25.9 m (the depth is available between 12 and 55 m). Certain restrictions and by the court are high. The height of the bridge in the Americas, Balboa does not allow the court to apply the above 57.91 m from the waterline to the highest point.

Thus, the maximum size of vessel type «Panamax» up 294.1 and 32.3 (length and width in meters, respectively), with a draft of 12 meters in fresh water (as is known salinity and temperature of water affect its density and hence and to a depth of precipitation) and a height of 57 and 91 m at the same time is worth to note that in some cases, exceptions are allowed by agreement, but such cases require additional inspection and approval. To enjoy more traditional container vessels with sizes in the 305 meters in length, 33.5 meters wide and 26 feet deep.

These dimensions are considered the most preferable and more in demand, because they can spend the maximum amount of cargo at one time by the vessel. At the same time their use imposes very specific requirements: more precise control over the passage of vessels through the canal, the passage itself should be done only during daylight hours, etc.