About Us

Company Ship Trade House Ltd (STH) provides professional services on sale and purchase (buying and selling) of vessels and other specialized water equipment / transport. We have world's fleet full database of all vessels, including river-sea type vessels.
STH also provides full or partial ship management, as detailed below.

Our services:

Sale and Purchase of vessels:

- client’s guidance on actual S&P market situation
- providing of Buyers with the best available units for sale
- guidance of Sellers regarding existing purchase demand and best possible price
- marketing (circulation) of Seller’s ship(s) through a worldwide network of S&P brokers
- cooperating with direct ship owners / potential buyers, arranging of sale & purchase deal out of the market (off market) on a private and confidential basis (P&C base)
- organization of pre-purchase inspections
- complex support of sale and purchase deals (from the opening of offshore company and till the closing meeting and ship’s delivery)
- sale of ships for scrap (Turkey, India, Bangladesh, China)
- ship’s evaluation (current market value of vessels)
- placing of new building orders
- intermediary services for financing and refinancing (the ability to finance overaged ships, i.e. older than 30 years)

Commercial management:

- provision of continuous and the most economically efficient load taking into account specific characteristics and limitations of the vessels.
- cooperation with reliable, first-class Cargo owners and Broker Houses.
- instructing the vessel’s Master and further support in all commercial issues related to the terms and conditions of the transportation contract
- detailed report Upon completion of each closed voyage

Technical management and ISM&ISPS:

- cooperation with various flag administrations and classification societies.
- arrangement and provision of vessel’s insurance coverage (P&I and H&M) with the first class insurers.
- organization and monitoring of appropriate technical maintenance of the vessel
- organization of material and technical supply of ships
- provision of the ship with full set of operational documentation in accordance with the requirements.
- calculation of costs for maintenance and operation of the vessel. Preparation and submission of respective financial statements to the Ship-owner.
- close co-operation with crew in regards to vessel’s operation and vital activity.
- organization on board the safety management system and ship security system as required by international conventions in full.


- recruitment of crew for various types of dry cargo ships.
- signing and maintaining work contracts with the crew
- organization of crew change and other related services

River-sea type vessels

Shallow draft river-sea type vessels occupy a special niche in the shipping industry in the post-Soviet space. These include the following vessel types: ST, STK, Baltiyskiy, Volgo-Balt, Sormovskiy, Omskiy, Amur, Volga, Sibirskiy, Volga, Volgo-Don, Azov Max, Rusich, Volgoneft, Lenaneft etc. (detailed in section: Types of vessels → River-Sea vessels). STH Company has a reliable contacts with all major ship owners of this type, as well as an extensive database of potential buyers. Years of experience in buying and selling of ships, especially with sea-river type ships, allows us to quickly guide the client in matters of pricing, the availability of vessels for sale, or the current demand for the ships of a specific project (type).