Information may be out of date, not all proposals listed in the table. Please contact us for update on availability and price.
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tug102  Pusher Tug  1975 300/1,5 O 2018
tug103  Off shore Tug  2006 3300 BHP 1A 09.2015/09.2017 China tug103
tug115  River Pusher Tug  1996 4800 HP Ice Class 12.2010/12.2013 Black Sea tug115
tug117  Tug  1980 560 BHP Black Sea tug117
tug116  Tug  1968 850 HP Not classed (ex BV) Holland tug116
tug118  Tug  1988 1600 HP KM(*) L1 R2-RSN AUT2 tug Caspian Sea tug118
tug119  Tug  1970 2700 HP KM* Ice2 R1 tug Caspian Sea tug119
tug121  Tug  1988 2400 HP Roumanian Naval Authority Black Sea tug121
tug122  Tug  2009 2760 HP KM*Ice 3 R3 tug Baltic Sea tug122
tug123  Tug  1970 775 HP Black Sea tug123
tug124  Tug  1982 5000 HP 100A1 Tug Ice 1A Baltic Sea
tug125  River pusher  1964 800 HP O-Pr 2,0 Volga river tug125
tug126  River pusher  1967 800 HP O-Pr 2,0 Volga river tug126
tug127  River pusher tug  1971 1400 HP SL-KM-2 Dabube river tug127
tug128  River pusher tug  1993 816 HP KM* IN Ice Zone 2 Danube river tug128
tug129  Tug  1972 1200 HP КМ(*)УЛ III Baltic Sea tug129
tug130    1981 1200 HP КМ(*)УЛ III Baltic Sea tug130
tug131  Tug  1978 884 kW КМ Ice 5 R3 Tug Black Sea tug131
tug132  Pusher  1986 440 kW КМ LP 2 III Black Sea tug132
tug133  Stan tug  1959 1200 HP KM LP5-1 Black Sea tug133