Chemical/Oil Products

Information may be out of date, not all proposals listed in the table. Please contact us for update on availability and price.
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tnk102  Chemical/Oil Product  1983 3850/4,76 Black Sea tnk102
tnk103  Chemical/Oil Product  2012 3797/5,65 Black Sea tnk103
tnk105  Bunker vessel  1984 3297/5,3 KM(*) LP1 III Black Sea tnk105
tnk108  Bunker vessel  1979 130t KM*IN Zone2 oil tanker(>60C) 05.2013 / 08.2017 Black Sea tnk108
tnk109  Bunker vessel  1966 615 t O 2,0 10.2011 / 10.2016 Black Sea tnk109
tnk115  Chemical/Oil Product  1979 5500t / 7m KM * L 2 oil tanker, (>60C)( ESP) Far East Russia tnk115
tnk116  Chemical/Oil Product  1985 3222t / 5,4m KM*L3 R3 12.2016/11.2018 Far East Russia tnk116
tnk117  Chemical/Oil Product  1989 9257t / 7,62m (КМ) * Ice 2 Oil tanker (>60°C) (ESP) CSR. Far East Russia tnk117
tnk119  Shallow draft tanker  2013 3950t / 4,3m KM Crude Oil Tanker ESP II E Black Sea tnk119
tnk121  Chemical/Oil Product  1982 5557t / 7m KM(*) Ice3 AUT2 oil tanker(>60°C)(ESP) 01.2017/01.2019 North Europe tnk121