Information may be out of date, not all proposals listed in the table. Please contact us for update on availability and price.
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tbn234  Catamaran  1996 344 Pax Korea tbn234
tbn235  Catamaran  2002 194 Pax *1A1 HSLC R3 (nor) Passenger E0 03.2012/03.2012 Norway tbn235
fsh102  Fish trawler  1993 04.2016/06.2016 South Korea fsh102
psg101  Crewboat  1973 1,5 M not classed (ex BV) Holland psg101
psg103  Crewboat  1979 1,8 M Not classed (ex GL) Holland psg103
psg104  Passenger  2009 2,2 m Ukraine psg104
tbn277  Floating dock  1964 KM+III floating 670 Ukraine tbn277
tbn278  Floating dock  1976 9150 K* R3 floating dock Far East tbn278
tbn279  Floating dock  1986 1260 *О 2,0 Ukraine tbn279
block1  Dredges, barges  0 block1
drg102  Bucket ladder dredge  1984 583 t Black Sea drg102
drg103  Trailing Suction Hop  1978 1419 t Black Sea drg103
drg104  Bucket ladder dredge  1970 279 t Black Sea drg104
drg105  Trailing suction hop  1983 1120 t/ 4,7m BV Persian Gulf drg105
drg106  Non self-propelled b  2010 M-SPЗ,5 (ice 40) Caspian Sea drg106
fdk101  Floating dock  1974 250t each/1,6 P 14.01.2015 fdk101
fdk102  Floating dock  1995 1200t Black Sea fdk102
fdk103  Floating dock  1971 15000t Black Sea fdk103
fdk104  Floating dock  2012 8500t Med Sea fdk104