About Us

Company Ship Trade House Ltd (STH) provides professional services on sale and purchase (buying and selling) of vessels and other specialized water equipment / transport. We have world's fleet full database of all vessels, including river-sea type vessels.


Our services:
- guidance of the client in questions of current pricing on a particular type vessels and availability of them for sale, or the current demand

- operating with direct ship owners / potential buyers, and through a worldwide network of snp brokers, possibility of organizing vessel's sale / purchase out of the market (off market) on a personal and confidential basis (PnC base) 

- informing about availability of potential buyers / vessels for sale

- organizing technical inspection of ships

- complex accompaniment of sale and purchase transactions (starting from the opening offshore company and ending with "closing")

- sale of ships for scrap (Turkey, India, Bangladesh, China, etc.)


In addition:
- evaluation current market value of vessels

- placing of orders for shipbuilding

- intermediary services for financing and refinancing (the ability to finance ships older then 30 years)


River-sea type vessels

Shallow draft river-sea type vessels occupy a special niche in the shipping industry in the post-Soviet space. These include the following vessel types: ST, STK, Baltiyskiy, Volgo-Balt, Sormovskiy, Omskiy, Amur, Volga, Sibirskiy, Volga, Volgo-Don, Azov Max, Rusich, Volgoneft, Lenaneft etc. (detailed in section: Types of vessels River-Sea vessels). STH Company has a reliable contacts with all major ship owners of this type, as well as an extensive database of potential buyers. Years of experience in buying and selling of ships, especially with sea-river type ships, allows us to quickly guide the client in matters of pricing, the availability of vessels for sale, or the current demand for the ships of a specific project (type).